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  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to guide businesses maintain a positive cash flow throughout their expansion. To do so we understand the human behavior behind all financial decisions. Then we create customized solutions to fit every business model. 
  • Who we are

    We are specialized in cash flow management and offer key solutions for businesses in need of business planning, training and development, guidance and management support.
  • Why we exist

    Companies either expand or shrink. Successful expansion entails three main factors:

    • Great planning
    • Great people
    • Great sales
    First, we make sure that the business has a strategic plan.
    Second, we develop the key people and follow up on the implementation.
    Finally, we focus on sales and management follow up to ensure constant growth. 
  • What we do

    • Training and development focused on sales, management and personal development
    • Retreat workshops on business planning and business development
    • Business planning and feasibility studies for startups, expansion or to acquire external funding (loans, investors, etc.)
    • Specialized programs in succession planning and key people retention for medium and large businesses
    • Management support and guidance
    • Establish internal training academies in sales and business development
  • our values

    • Problem solving: we look at problems as opportunities
    • Ethics: we don’t sell services that are not needed
    • Commitment: we always meet our deadlines
    • Productivity: we work in creative ways to boost performance
    • Adventure: we “routout” to break your routine
  • our added values

    • Value based pricing
    • Practical and proven approach with very useful tools
    • We make sure to bridge the gap between academic learning and real life business practices
    • We are always available and very flexible to adapt to the changing environments
  • how we do it

    • We meet with decision makers
    • We conduct a needs/wants analysis
    • We design customized solutions
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