Training & development

Training is not about sending your people to a nice session with a funny trainer. Training is a culture to be embedded in the business.

Whether you want to improve on a personal level or you want your team to stay updated, our programs will help you match the latest techniques to the very practical world through sharing and exploring best practices. Our programs are mainly focused on:

  • Personal Development: how to empower yourself and deal with difficult situations in life
  • Sales: you main source of income
  • Management: all the skills needed to run and EXPAND the business
  • Business planning: for key people to write the strategy aligned with all departments
  • Business development: key elements to take your business to the next step
  • Staff: customized soft skills needed for your staff to stay updated in today's competitive environment

    All our programs are very tailor made to each industry and customized with each client based on their day to day operations.

    There are different levels in each topic. Attendees could be assessed before the workshop then afterwards and there are many ways to track the productivity.  We always make sure that the workshops are practical and results oriented. Certificate of achievement must be earned based on many criteria. 

    Internal training academies could be created in each company where we help the business avoid unnecessary training fees for new comers and will enrich the training culture in each organization. Outstanding tools and material could be customized in this regard:
    • - Create trainees manuals
    • - Train the trainers on each topic
    • - Give the trainers customized PowerPoint presentations and tools
    • - Assign activities and strategic plans for the attendees
    • - Pre-post tests for each topic
    • - Training exams for each topic
    • - Create training guidebooks for each topic based on the client's operations
    • - Create customized videos to stay in the training library
    • - Automate feedback forms
    • - Create online material

    Note that we deliver workshops and create material in three languages: English, Arabic and French. 
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Strategic planning

You might have the capital, the idea and the potential, but an accurate feasibility study or business plan will guide you as you put your concept into action.

We structure your business plan wisely, study your market accurately, and provide you with all the business and financial assistance to implement it.

  • Brainstorming Sessions
    Our brainstorming sessions help you analyze your ideas objectively. Our role is to help you think deeper, play the devil's advocate, and make you see things from different perspectives. Decisions always remain yours.
  • Business Planning
    The Profile >> Concept description | Products & services | Vision | Mission | Values | Objectives | Owners profiles

    The Strategy >> Target market | Legal | Location | HR | Workflow | Sales | Advertising & marketing | Analysis (SWOT analysis | Competition analysis | Market analysis | Product analysis)

    Building Financial Projections >> Income statement | Cash-flow statement | Break-even analysis | Ratios

    Uses >> Bank loans | Acquiring investors | Franchising | NGO fund search & application | Business succession planning | Key people retention planning

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Managing a small and medium business is not easy; you have to focus your energy on the operation and you can't always afford to recruit several managers to expand the business properly. Whether you travel a lot or you are too busy running the show, our job is to follow up on all the essential functions of the business to make sure productivity is always at its best.


  • Human Development
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Finance Management
  • Project Management
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Sales Team Development

Sales is the heart of the business; a well structured department along with a new strategy, customized reporting & training and one on one guidance can ensure hitting your sales targets every year. 

Our main scope of work:
- (Re)Structure the sales department
- Strategic plan
to reach the targets
- Assess
the sales team periodically
- Set KPIs-
Key Performance Indicators
- Customized practical sales training
with different levels
- Assign a reporting system
or CRM 
- Coaching
based on the results
- Install an internal training library
with guidebooks, videos and presentations
- Train internal trainers
with different tools, exams and material

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Expand Kits

Description: guidance sessions to evaluate your idea and transform it to an action plan
Duration: 3 sessions with virtual support
Other: needed tools to start the business
-Fully customized for each company

-All documents needed from recruitment to termination
-All documents needed to be available and filed for an employee
-Training on each of the above documents
-Fully customized for each company

-All the templates needed to run the operation
-All the documents and statements needed to analyze the operation
-Detailed financial lists
-Training on all the above documents
-Fully customized for each company

-All the templates needed to run the operation
   >>Email templates
   >>Social media templates
   >>Event planning templates
   >>Newsletter templates
   >>Sales reports & activity tracking
-Training on all the above documents
-Fully customized for each company

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