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  • Rania Haddad

    Executive Officer at the Office of the Chief of Staff - AUBMC

    Jade uses both his extensive knowledge and long experience in sales to convey his message to the audience very effectively with a lot of substance and with a light sense of humor. He is professional enough to make you feel he is trustworthy. I would definitely recommend him as an outstanding trainer and consultant and look forward to attending more training workshops with him about other topics.
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  • Lara Khoury

    Senior Software Developer

    I was very satisfied with the insightful and very well structured content of the training "Sales Detox" that was given by Jade Dagher. It helped me in better understanding the process of sales and get rid of the false concepts that I had in mind about this topic.
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  • Mahyar Yahoufi

    Founder & Managing Director - Mindfield Solutions

    I owe it to Jade that I am living my dream now. Jade helped me start my business, plan it better, and guided me every step of the way. 6 years ago... I was sitting with Jade W. Dagher who used to use me for freelancing work. Jade asked me: "Are you planning to open your own business ?" My obvious answer was "Yes but sure, once I save a 100,000 USD so maybe when I am forty." Jade then meekly said: "Give me 3500 USD and your dream will come true" Starting with 3500 USD 6 years ago MindField came to life. Today Jade visits me, I am 33, Mindfield now employs 40 people and has successfully served more than 200 clients, executing more than 500 projects over 7 countries. Thank you Jade, as they say, to succeed you have to start ! And you were the one who made me start. Oh and I will never forget that MindField's first check of 500 USD was from WIDE s.a.r.l , your business back then !
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  • Joseph Younan

    Agency Manager - Metlife-Alico

    The participation of 40 of our sales agents in this workshop resulted in a 46% growth of revenues during a tough business year.
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  • Ralph Mouawad

    Administrative Manager - Middle East Granite

    Jade recruited and trained three of our sales people who then realized a 60% increase in revenues during their first year with the company.
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  • Nadia Rai

    Administrative Manager - Medatco

    We really liked the training. We felt the sales people benefited from the program, changed on the personal and the business levels and we were all very happy.
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  • Elie Assaf

    Office Manager - Education Development Center

    Jade Dagher is a great business consultant who never supports a case without believing in it...
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  • Charbel Abou Jaoudeh

    Owner - KAOS

    Jade Dagher has helped us establish KAOS and is still a very valuable member, helping us evolve constantly. His Experience, wittiness, and brilliance in his field, made him a necessity for every decision making within our company. He showed a high level of professionalism and know how in his business planning, problem solving, company development including HR kit and recruiting. A great exposure to law and business law reinforced his opinions to get the best results.
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  • Joseph Yammine

    Business Unit Manager - Clin Group

    Very professional team starting by content, material, communication and learning objectives.
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  • Ayoub Bouezzeddine

    Digital Development Team Lead - Mindfield

    It was a great workshop. Thanks a lot Jade, you are really amazing and knowledgeable.
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  • Mohamad Karaki

    Global Logistics Manager- Clin Group

    Interesting training, materials and a well prepared presenter. The training was encouraging and addressed major issues that face anyone in his/her work or life. I definitely recommend it.
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  • Mustafa Dasuki

    Founder- Off The Wall

    Jade Dagher makes a boring and hard material enjoyable, he has the ability to facilitate a workshop amazingly.
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  • Alaa Al-Mohaid

    Dietitian - Lina's and Dina's Kuwait

    I would like to sincerely thank you and our management team for this effort and workshop God bless.
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  • Kamel Hazer

    Clinical Dietitian - Lina's and Dina's - Kuwait

    I loved the workshop and I hope to repeat again
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  • Rima Antrazi


    I am pleased to have the training with Jade Dagher because he gave us the needed know-how that we need to enter the entrepreneurial world.
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  • Hady Akiki


    Jade is very professional in his work and workshops. He has new fresh ideas and alternatives. Highly recommended for business owners.
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  • Nohal Koleilat

    Al Masrah Al Alami

    After your sessions I feel passionate to work and accomplish more...
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  • Rana Khoury


    All aspects of business were covered. Also an emphasis on developing our strategy especially within ethical boundaries. The trainer and other participants helped in making the business issues more concrete.
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  • Ruba Morkos

    Dentelle O Chocolat

    Highlighting on the personal development was a must. I started working on several points. As for the business section, improvement and changes have been done to my work; starting by changing the name, new strategy (focus on the product, targeting the right clients)
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  • Siham Sleiman

    GSC International Trade

    على الصعيد الشخصي طرد الخوف و زيادة الثقة على الصعيد العملي الإلمام بكيفية تنظيم الأفكار و القدرة على دراسة المشروع بدقة للوصول إلى تنفيذ مشروع ناجح
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  • Hanadi Soubra

    Art 2 Art

    /أنا حسيت حالي تطورت كتير حلول حصلت عليها
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  • Naji Haddad

    Senior Financial Advisor

    I have a long successful business relationship with Expand. They contributed a lot in what I'm doing now. They can transfer all my ideas into a good and practical system to work on.
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  • Hayat Ammouri


    If you're starting a new business, thinking about a new business, or already have your own business, try EXPAND! It will provide you with the necessary skills and strategy, even if you are a Business graduate. Jade W. Dagher will teach you reality, not what's in the books 🌸
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  • Maria El Aaraj

    Cook N' Bake

    I have learned a lot from you during the sessions. Thank you again for your help, your strategies were very helpful to me and also for my dad's business. Thanks a million
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  • Claire & Hyam Abou Karam

    Tabkhet Em

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